1. Green note, London, 15th July May 28, 2015

    Green note, London, 15th July

  2. Munich May 16, 2015


  3. Editing session. With THE Chris Blakey May 14, 2015

    Editing session. With THE Chris Blakey

  4. Backstage coffin, May 9, 2015

    Backstage coffin,

  5. Stage set May 8, 2015

    Stage set

Animation for the Foolish Coming soon

Keep your eyes peeled a beautiful Animation for the foolish is coming soon, Also after popular demand the debut Dead fools gold will be being Re released under Lloyds catalogue. This will be only available as download unless we receive enough interest to do a vinyl or Cd Release, Thanks to all for your continued [...]


Its been an amazing month at Lloyd Williams HQ,,,, What an great gig St Marys church.  Very humbled by the people who traveled near and far to come and see me.   It really does mean a lot,  Some exciting news coming soon,   A few people have asked how they can help,  Please go [...]


Welcome to my new page, I will be posting updates here as much as I can but please follow me on twitter or Facebook links at the top for day to day info Re Gigs. L