Lloyd Williams is a British songwriter, known for his unique banjo and guitar techniques as well as an uncompromising attitude to writing and playing music he loves. With shades of Nick Drake and John Martyn, he intertwines a darker folk americana edge, with a clasic British folk sound.

Already a cult name on the folk circuit Lloyd is working with legendary producer John Wood, Who was responsible for all three Nick Drake albums, John Martyns, Bless the Weather and solid air, As well as Pink Floyd, Fariport Convention, Sandy Denny solo albums, Cat Stevens, Incredible String Band, Nico, and Squeeze. John has produced and mixed Lloyd Williams new album.

His live performances see him effortlessly flip between banjo and acoustic guitar, At times laying the sound with haunting church organs and hurdy gurdies. The new recordings see Lloyd take to the old school sound yet again, recording and mixing using analogue tape, to gain the vintage warm tones so in keeping with his music.

His overwhelming talents, commanding stage presence and unique ability to draw fans all over the world see a big future in store!

Lloyd Williams is proud to be endorsed by the following companies:

Perkins Traditional Intuments
Hutchens Guitars
Poarch Borad